Ancestry Library Edition vs. Paid Subscription

All libraries within the AZRLS system have access to ancestry library edition. You must access the database at the library; you cannot use it at home.

A useful guide for Ancestry Library Edition can be found here.

The biggest difference between the library edition and a paid subscription is that the paid subscription allows you to upload your family tree. This is a big benefit, because ancestry will send you “hints” that lead directly to records. On the library edition, you have to manually enter the name of each relative you are searching for.

Both versions give you access to other people’s family trees. Do not use these trees as proof to link generations. You have no way of knowing how accurate their information is. I use other’s trees when I hit brick walls. But I do not add any information to my tree without a reliable source.

Ancestry Library Edition now allows you to create a “Discovery Page.” You can send documents to your discovery page and then access these documents from home.

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