GLASS: Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services
Talking Books – Georgia Public Library Service / Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services (GLASS) supports accessible library services in Georgia by promoting the use of assistive technology and by providing accessible reading materials to those who, due to a disability, are unable to read standard print.

During this temporary suspension of cartridge and player circulation, GLASS members will need to read accessible materials via BARD and/or BARD mobile. Find more updates here.

If you’re downloading to your computer, you can find BARD books through the GLASS catalog or the NLS catalog. You can then download BARD books using a computer. While BARD books can’t be played on a computer, you can download them to a flash drive or cartridge.

Using the BARD mobile app, you can download books directly to your smartphone or tablet.

BARD Mobile app link for Android users Mobile app link for iOS users

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