We are currently offering contactless Curbside Service by appointment.

Please contact your local library to schedule an appointment. Curbside Service hours will vary by member library due to staffing constraints. Visit your local library web page for details.

Curbside Service Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10am-5pm

Thursday: 1pm-7pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm

How Curbside Service Works:

● Patrons with an available item(s) on hold will be contacted via email or by telephone by a library staff member who will schedule a specific time for curbside pick-up.
● Patrons must park in designated parking spaces and should remain in their vehicles at all times during the transaction. Details will be provided when an agreed upon pick-up time is scheduled.
● Patrons arriving without an appointment will be asked to return home and contact the library to schedule an appointment for another day — no exceptions.
● For the safety of all persons involved, patrons are not to be outside of their vehicles at any point during the curbside transaction. If a patron needs to open a trunk manually, the patron must do so prior to notifying the library staff of their arrival and must be securely back in their vehicle before library staff will complete the delivery.
● Library staff (gloved and masked) will wait until a patron is securely inside their vehicle before delivering items. If a patron gets out of their vehicle, the staff will move back into the library and instruct the patron to return to their vehicle.
● Library staff will place items in an open trunk. If the trunk cannot be opened, items will be placed on top of the trunk. If a vehicle trunk cannot be opened and there is inclement weather, the patron will need to open the door of an unoccupied back seat and get back into their vehicle (or roll down the window). Staff will place items on the seat. During severe inclement weather, curbside may be suspended or postponed.

We need your help to make this process a success!

● Please arrive on time for your appointment. If a patron is more than 10 minutes late, their time slot will be cancelled and a new pick-up time will be scheduled for a different day.
● Patrons are not to loiter or interact with other patrons or library staff during pick-up.
● Staff will not accept books or other items from a patron during curbside service.
● Please continue to return items in the book deposit drop box.
● Member libraries will not accept any donated items until further notice.

Remember, social distancing keeps us all safe.
Thank you for your patience, cooperation, and continued support!

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