Trolls World Tour by adapted by David Lewman.
Summer in the city by by Fracaswell Hyman.
Black brother, Black brother by Jewell Parker Rhodes.
Mission impawsible by James Patterson with Steven Butler ; illustrated by Richard Watson.
Mary underwater by Shannon Doleski.
Fairground physics by Angie Smibert ; illustrated by Micah Rauch.
Climate change by Joshua Sneideman and Erin Twamley ; illustrated by Alexis Cornell.
Backyard biology by Donna Latham ; illustrated by Michelle Simpson.
Sam Wu is not afraid of spiders by Katie & Kevin Tsang ; illustrated by Nathan Reed.
Daring Darleen, queen of the screen by Anne Nesbet.
Darwin's rival by Christiane Dorion ; illustrated by Harry Tennant.
The newspaper club by Beth Vrabel ; illlustrations by Paula Franco.
The only black girls in town by Brandy Colbert.
If we were giants by by Dave Matthews and Clete Barrett Smith ; illustrations by Antonio Javier Caparo.
Jorvik calling by Helena Dahlgren ; translation by Agnes Broomé.
The list of things that will not change by Rebecca Stead.
Mr. Tiger, Betsy, and the blue moon by Sally Gardner ; illustrated by Nick Maland.
Goldie Vance by an original novel by Lilliam Rivera ; illustrations by Elle Power.
Bad best friend by Rachel Vail.
My life as a potato by by Arianne Costner ; illustrated by James Lancett.
Things you can't say by by Jenn Bishop.
The virtual vandal by Victor Appleton.
The great upending by Beth Kephart.
Swish by Elena Delle Donne.
Skade and the enchanted snow by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams.
Never fear, Meena's here! by Karla Manternach ; illustrated by Mina Price.
Blue skies by Anne Bustard.
What was the bombing of Hiroshima? by by Jess M. Brallier ; illustrated by Tim Foley.
What are the paralympic games? by by Gail Herman ; Illustrated by Andrew Thomson.
Stand up, Yumi Chung! by Jessica Kim.
The star dunes by Trudi Trueit.
Silverworld by Diana Abu-Jaber.
Weird but true! by Includes index.
Don't check out this book! by Kate Klise ; illustrated by M. Sarah Klise.
Hunger winter by Rob Currie.
The lonely heart of Maybelle Lane by Kate O'Shaughnessy.
Just joking dogs by Rosie Gowsell Pattison.
Bloom by Kenneth Oppel.
Awesome Dog 5000 vs. Mayor Bossypants by Justin Dean.
What is the story of Looney Tunes? by by Steve Korté ; illustrated by John Hinderliter.
What is the story of Batman? by by Michael Burgan ; illustrated by Jake Murray.
The blackbird girls by by Anne Blankman.
Raise your voice by Jeffrey Kluger.
On the horizon by Lois Lowry ; illustrated by Kenard Pak.
Extreme ocean by Sylvia Earle and Glen Phelan.
The very short, entirely true history of mermaids by by Sarah Laskow ; illustrated by Reimena Yee.
The shadow arts by Damien Love.
Coo by Kaela Noel ; illustrations by Celia Krampien.