Hancock County Library
Diary of an awesome friendly kid by by Jeff Kinney.
Theodore Boone by by John Grisham.
Shouting at the rain by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.
Middle school misadventures by by Jason Platt.
Other words for home by Jasmine Warga.
Silver Meadows summer by Emma Otheguy.
The Hamilton-Burr duel by Dan Gutman.
August Isle by Ali Standish.
The door at the end of the world by Caroline Carlson.
Share your smile by Raina Telgemeier.
Extraordinary birds by by Sandy Stark-McGinnis.
Caterpillar summer by Gillian McDunn.
The library of ever by Zeno Alexander.
Meghan Markle by by Golriz Golkar.
Apollo 8 by Martin W. Sandler.
Natural history collector by Michael Sanchez.
The girl who drew butterflies by Joyce Sidman.
Bees by by Piotr Socha ; text by Wojciech Grajkowski ; translation by Agnes Monod-Gayraud.
The presidents visual encyclopedia by written by Philip Parker.
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